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When should I contact you to get prequalified for a mortgage?
The sooner you meet with a mortgage professional, the better.  Here’s why.

  • Getting prequalified upfront allows you to move into the house hunting process knowing that you already have the details of your mortgage lined out. You know your budget, your timeline, you have rough estimate of your monthly payment and you feel comfortable putting in an offer on your dream home.
  • Most realtors want you to be prequalified and have a mortgage lined up before you start house hunting.
  • Buyers who put in an offer on a home with a mortgage prequalification letter are more likely to have their offer accepted.  This shows the seller that you are serious and have done the upfront work.

What does the mortgage prequalification process entail?
During the mortgage prequalification process you will submit your loan application and supporting documentation to our office.  We will thoroughly review your documents, pull credit, verify employment and assets and gather some loan options for you.  We will then get together to discuss the loan options in detail.  I take pride in educating my clients and at this phase we will work side by side to explore the different loan programs, interest rate options, closing costs, down payment requirements, ect.  You will walk away from this part of the process knowing exactly what you can afford, how much money you need to put down and have several wonderful mortgage options to choose from.

Our promise to you

We are here to help!  Don’t put it off because you are intimidated.  I will walk you through the process every step of the way.

We will educate you!  This is a lot of information and we want to make sure you understand it all.  Walking away from this process knowing that you made the absolute best financial decision for yourself or your family is my goal.

We will make it easy!  This can be a tedious process, there is no way around it, but my experience and the streamlined process that I have in place will make this the easiest possible mortgage experience for you.

We will give you our best!  Let’s not forget what every homebuyer wants, the best possible interest rate and lowest possible closing cost.

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